Sunday, May 4

Noitalever: Plastics Make It Possible?

So, after reading this article and beginning to browse through this blog, I have decided to follow in Amy's footsteps (kind of).

I am in no position (student, not owning my own house, etc etc) to completely eliminate plastics from my life, but I can look around and think of at least fifty ways in which I could greatly reduce my plastic consumption. So, I plan to spend the next few months vigorously looking for ways to do this, while not beating myself up over things that I simply can't change right now (new car purchased in '07? I think I'll keep it, thanks).

I also want to post my own little reminder: paper can be recycled! As you finish up school for the year and think to yourself, "Man, I never want to see these notes/tests/whatever again!", please find a place to recycle your mixed paper.

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