Friday, August 29

Noitalever: Back to School

Hello, friends! I have successfully completed my first week of school, and man, am I tired. I've been reading and taking notes and sprinting between classes (I have five in a row), but I've also been thinking a lot about plastic.

I went to the Co-Op in search of liquid dishwasher soap. I don't have a dishwasher, and the powder stuff just doesn't cut it for washing by hand. I took one of the glass jars that they give away for free and got it weighed (empty). They wrote down the weight, and I went to fill it up with the bulk version of the liquid dishwasher soap. It even has a nice citrus scent. The brand is not important here, since the "bulk version" for you might be a different brand altogether.

I also purchased a Recycline razor - the kind where you can recycle the bottom part if you want, but now that they've come out with replacement heads you can just keep it until it gets grungy and then recycle it. I got it in purple, woot! This razor was comparable in price to normal, plastic, tossable razors, so I considered it a wonderful deal to save the environment and pinch pennies at the same time.

Later, I got a Kleen Kanteen. I had been waiting to see if I would get one for my birthday, but when I didn't, I bought my own. I am so impressed with this beast! The mouth of the bottle is wide enough to receive ice from a soda fountain, and that's hella cool. Mine is also the Co-Op's special logo-ized one, so it's free publicity for them and that makes me happy.

I went to Win-Co to get some snacks for this week, and I brought some brown paper bags (sandwich size) with me. I filled them up with pretzels and raisins from the bulk bins, and that was cool. I transferred the raisins when I got home to an old tin I have, and that'll keep them good. The pretzels can stay where they are, of course, providing I don't take a year to eat them.


I have to go to work, but later I will do another update with my plans for the future, re: Less-Plastic.

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