Saturday, November 1

Noitalever: Less-Plastic Christmas

Today, I started to consider less plastic gift-giving. I have a slew of family and friend birthdays coming up, not to mention Christmas. I need some ideas, but first let me give you my own:

Give memories - buy someone concert tickets, or a "rain check" for taking them out to dinner. Memories are always better than material goods, and they don't require any packaging. :)

Make your own - bake cookies, crochet a scarf, etc

Invest in the person - this is perhaps a better example with kids, but instead of buying toys, you can fund piano lessons for the year or provide money for a school trip.

But if you are giving "stuff," how should you go about it? Is it fair of me to say to my family and friends, "I'll like your gift better if it is plastic-free"? And what about our cultural perception that used gifts just aren't as good (books, for example)?

This post is really just a brainstorming post (I need your ideas!), but we'll be speaking about this more in weeks to come.

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