Monday, February 16

Feminine Hygiene

If the topic of feminine hygiene squicks you, run the other way now.

I've been waffling. Decreasing my environmental impact in this area has been a slow process, and it took a lot of courage. I'm a scaredy-cat, basically. But, I finally summoned up the courage to make some really positive changes, in my opinion.

Last May, when I became aware of the Garbage Patch, I switched from tampons with plastic applicators to tampons with cardboard ones. This was the first thing I was willing to do...I know that there are tampons without applicators at all, but that was a bit much at the time. I switched to Natracare pads and liners, for other needs.

About a month ago, I read about sewing your own menstrual pads, but I have never liked pads, and the laundering process seemed daunting. However, I did sew some pantiliners. I went to the thrift store and bought the softest baby clothing I could find, and used a couple of layers of that for each liner.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I did it: I bought a DivaCup.

Now, I know that this cup is made of plastic, but it was really the lesser of two evils for me (perpetual tampon waste, a little plastic). I also know that there is the alternative which has no waste, and that's sewing your own pads...but I really, really hate pads.

I had my first cycle with the DivaCup, and it was excellent. If you are considering this change also, I recommend reading some stuff at this LJ community. Basically, ignore the directions in the package and figure out what works for you. My other suggestion is to find a friend that will make the change, too. That way, you're not in it alone.

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  1. I wish I could say I didn't hate my diva cup. I've tried it about 5 cycles and it just sucks. Leaks totally unexpectedly. But I've been using bamboo fabric rolled up as a tampon and it works great. I keep a bucket full of water under the sink for soaking, change the water every day, and wash like the cloth diapers. Easy peasy. I'm glad you found something you like - I'm glad I did too! (-: